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at 11 years old
her identity was that
of a tormented lover
writing from one
communion to the next:
“suffering became my


conducting funerals
for dead birds
i meet régine,
henri pranzini
& shudder
with them revolution of the
saints which i
have reached



On E-Flux Video Rental for Frieze.



A video interview with Anish Kapoor.



De Tocqueville, in earlier work on the French Revolution, had explained how it was the printed word that, achieving cultural saturation in the eighteenth century, had homogenized the French nation. Frenchmen were the same kind of people from north to south. The typographic principles of uniformity, continuity and lineality had overlaid the complexities of ancient feudal and oral society. The Revolution was carried out by the new literati and lawyers.

Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media, p.14



good news,
any day now –
god is love.

(you were my
best friend and
for that, christ
knows, i
made you suffer)



kalateur (vor 11 Monaten)
amazing game at its time!!
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
It was great at the time. I got this game on +3 Hit-Pak disk years ago. Ten games to play over Christmas. You couldn’t ask for more. It included Saboteur 2 which was even better.
ryolite38 (vor 11 Monaten)
Sab 2 better than the original? How very dare you.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
It’s a close call but I liked both of them anyway. Maybe if I didn’t get them at the same time it would be a different story.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
A classic game I never played. Then again with the Durrel software piracy screen I wouldn’t dare flaunt the law and play an illegal copy. Perish the thought.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
I used to get pirate copies of guys at school and then report them. I made a fortune!
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
Hehe, it would have been funny to report 50,000 people and see Durrel pay out 5 million in rewards and 50,000 original replacement games.
I bet Durrel never paid anyone that reward. £100 would be right nice now. Skint is not the word…
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Scare tactics definitely work. I even reported myself after buying the original because I felt guilty. Never played the the game after seeing that screen. I havn’t been paid since working from 19 december. Hopefully get paid next week.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
Yeah 19 was my last pay day. Next week is my first pay day. Toast and cider for breakfast.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
I couldn’t handle a piece of toast just now. Just go straight on to the cider. I like a liquid breakfast.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
I only got 6 litres of cider today. That’s not as much as it sounds from a 10:45am start. Supposed to be cutting down this year. Then again I’ve said that every year for the last 15.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Already had 2 litres and only got 1 can and a bit from the bottom of a bottle. Will need to get some more. I’m the same with cutting down but I need to stop especially during the week then I can look forward to it at the weekend. Definitly stopping tomorrow! Got to get used to drinking tea again. Shite I know but it makes sense health wise and financially.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
Agreed. I dont want to stop drinking but during the week it is out of hand. I miss tea and reading in bed. Always dehydrated, tired, hungover and unfit. My plan is no cider during the week. Have a 4 pack of lager in the fridge incase. Get the body used to just drinking at weekends. I realized I don’t enjoy drinking as much like i use to.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
I know the feeling. I’m constantly tired and usually have a nap or 2. End up getting 3 hours sleep at night. Just going out for my last 2 litres til next Saturday.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
My first booze free night coming up.Eating like its going out of fashion. Getting the jitters already.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Fuck it! Got myself 6 cans. Will start tomorrow definitely. Getting too much of an ear bashing from the missus. That’s enough to make anyone stop.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
Fucking hell, I went and got a 3 litre bottle of cider. So much for stamina. drank half the bottle monday and the rest tonight. It’s still cutting down. Wife is in her usual bad mood. Drives me to drink.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Haven’t had any alcohol today. Just tea, coffee and pure orange juice. My body doesn’t know what’s hit it. It’s bloody hard this lark. Roll on Saturday! Probably get drunk on 4 cans.
EvildeadCellar (vor 11 Monaten)
Your doing well.I find evenings the worst. Great when you get up in the morning! You feel like a Saint! You gonna keep off the sauce all week? What I like when i rarely have a night off the razzle is the dreaming at night. I have wierd and wonderful dreams. When boozing its a roller coaster of nothing till the rude awakenning next day.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Yeah def evenings when you just want to unwind after a shitty day. Won’t touch it all week. I suppose it gets easier. Don’t want to start it all of by drinking at the weekend and trying to make up for what I haven’t been drinking.
ryolite38 (vor 11 Monaten)
Fair enough, Sab 1 and Combat School were my all time faves.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 11 Monaten)
Not so sure about Combat School though. Wasn’t that a stinker?
mathowlett (vor 3 Monaten)
Great game. I liked the way you could just go straight to the the helicopter and bugger off without doing what you were supposed to first. They just don’t make them like this any more. Saboteur 2 was great too !! The hang-glider start was brilliant.
SPINNYFUCK (vor 3 Monaten)
Nice easy introduction to the game until you learned to get better at it. The hang-glider in Sab 2 was brilliant. Took a few games to work out where to drop from. I used to like jumping from the edge of the cliff and you would fall forever!
mathowlett (vor 3 Monaten)
Yeah. I used to just like dropping at random and having a look around… the sense of freedom in that game was great.
Steveoqotsa (vor 3 Monaten)
Top game,i was a QA OP M man/boy myself!!
SPINNYFUCK (vor 3 Monaten)
Not bad defined keys, but I preferred FG HB J – more central and less R.S.I.
Thanks to Oliver Craner



On Anish Kapoor
for Frieze.



On the “Cult of the Artist” exhibition series for the Local.



J: “You watch your stats and they go nowhere. Everybody who arrives, arrives by mistake. You post nothing for nine months and nothing changes. The exact same number of people are there. And then sometimes people link to you, but they are mad people.”



“A ‘21st-century contemporary concentration camp designed only to make profit’, is how Joep van Lieshout defines his ongoing project SlaveCity. A speculative city-cum-business park, parts of which went on show this summer in both London’s Albion Gallery and Essen’s Museum Folkwang, the mixed-media work incorporates sketches, sculptures, charts and plans to envision an absolutely administrated urban environment. In this respect reminiscent of the utopian blueprints that were sloughed-off like snakeskins throughout the 20th Century, SlaveCity nonetheless jars with that paradigm in both style and tone…”

In Art Monthly