There’s a book from which one can learn many things, entitled Sexual Life in Ancient China. This book shows clearly that manuals of love and manuals of military strategy are indiscernible, and that new strategic and military statements are produced at the same time as new amorous statements…at a given moment, for reasons that, of course, must still be determined, it is as if a social space were covered by what we would have to call an abstract machine…the machinic point of a group or a given collectivity; it would indicate, within a group, and at a given moment, the maximum of deterritorialization as well as, and at the same time, its power of innovation.

It’s this abstract machine which, in conditions that will have to be determined…it’s this machinic point of deterritorialization that is reterritorialized in this or that machine, or in this or that military machine, amorous machine, productive of new statements. This is a possible hypothesis.

Gilles Deleuze, Seminar of 26 March, 1973

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