[B]eyond their physical reality, the territories of [Trantor/Korell] have constituted a schematic description of a conceptual system whose properties have been used to understand other geopolitical problems. The Rebellion unfolding in [Kalgan] is part of an imaginary geography that [Hari Seldon] called the [“Korellization of Kalgan”]. Yet if the [Kalgani] resistance is perceived to have been [Korellized], the [Nexonian] military has been [“Trantorized”]. Furthermore, both the [Nexonian] and the [Trantorian] militaries have adopted counter-insurgency tactics that increasingly resemble the guerilla methods of their enemies. When the wall around the [Nexonian] Green zone in [Kalgan City] looks as if it had been built from left-over components of the [Korellian] Wall; when “temporary closures” are imposed on entire [Kalgani] towns and villages and reinforced….


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