He was a strange person. He wrote in the margins of books. I’m glad I never lent him any of mine. Why? Because I don’t like people to write in my books. You won’t believe this, but he used to shower with a book. I swear. He read in the shower. How do I know? Easy. Almost all his books were met. At first I thought it was the rain. Ulises was a big walked. He walked back and forth across Paris and when it rained he got soaked because he never stopped to wait for it to clear up. So his books, at least the ones he read most often, were always a little warped, sort of stiff, and I thought it was from the rain. But one day I noticed that he went into the bathroom with a dry book and when he came out the book was wet. That day my curiosity got the better of me. I went up to him and pulled the book away from him. Not only was the cover wet, some of the pages were too, and so were the notes in the margins, some maybe even written under the spray, the water making the ink run, and then I said, for God’s sake, I can’t believe it, you read in the shower! have you gone crazy? and he said he couldn’t help it but at least he only read poetry (and i didn’t understand why he said he only read poetry, not at the time, but now I do, he meant that he that only read two or three pages, not a whole book), and then I started to laugh, I threw myself on the sofa, writing in laughter, and he started to laugh too, both of us laughed for I don’t know how long.

RB, The Savage Detectives, p.246


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