This is a story about contemporary art and contemporary Warsaw, organized around a specific action. The major theme is the complexity of contemporary Israeli-Polish relations, and how they are being mediated through art; the minor theme is the strong link between contemporary art and politics in Warsaw; a city in which, in the form of the “Krytyka Politycynza” leader Sławomir Sierakowski, the art scene has its own political candidate.

After the interview, Krieger and return to the square to renew rehearsals. The group begins moving to a new location. Dana Yahalomi runs across the road, pursued by two Public Movement members, who throw her to the ground behind a hedge. Then everyone stands around for a long time. Then Dana sprints away in the opposite direction, directly through the crowd. A third PM member is wrestled to the ground, and then carried away by the other members. Five yards down the street, Krieger spits his gum at someone, and the rest of the group pick him up and try to make him eat it.



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