The essence of the operation conforms to a strategy of establishing “total control over a territory and population[…]to bring a whole region or continent into subjection.1” Three interconnected machineries are involved in this effort: the war machine, the vision machine, and the flesh machine. The war machine (“war is the father of all things”) makes for the motor and hardware. An apparatus of violence, concerned with self-preservation, the war machine works out its wages in space, by twisting and turning it, locating and dislocating, creating connections and breaking them.

Cognizance of these processes is supplied by the vision machine. The war machine throttles territory, inscribing it, carving it; the vision machine records and encodes these operations as data. Controlling the spreads and extensions of discourse, the vision machine is devoted to formatting representations. These issue spaces of sacrifice, mazes and software, to draft new generations into their roles and identities.

These operations are handled by means of the flesh machine, which inscribes the work of the vision machine into the body. The flesh machine is the wetware; what hurts, what seduces, what scars and what burns. The flesh machine inserts bodies into the hardware of the war machine2.


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