They confirmed their mutual understanding on a higher level by excluding one who did not pronounce the same credo they repeated to one another. What they fought for on a spiritual and intellectual plane they marked down as their ethos, as if it elevated the inner rank of a person to follow the teachings of higher ideals, as if there were nothing written in the New Testament against the Pharisees. Even forty years later, a pensioned bishop walked out of the conference of a Protestant academy because a guest lecturer expressed doubt about the contemporary possibility of sacred music. He too had been warned against, and dispensed from, heaving dealings with people who do not toe the line; as though critical thought had no objective foundation but was a subjective deviation. People of his nature combine the tendency that Borchardt called a putting-themselves-in-the-right with the fear of reflecting their reflections – as they didn’t completely believe in themselves… Heretics baptized this circle “The Authentic Ones.”

Adorno, Jargon of Authenticity


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