Domination happens through communications.


Tolstoy: “Power is that relation of a certain persons to other persons in which the person takes the less part in the action the more he expresses opinions, suppositions, and justifications for the jointly accomplished action… The movement of peoples is produced, not by power, not by intellectual activity, not even by a combination of the two, as historians used to think, but by the activity of all the people taking part in the event and always joining together in such a way those who take the greatest direct part in the event take the least responsibility upon themselves, and vice-versa.”


The industry leaders in these systems are the Big Three of corporate computing: IBM, SAP, and Oracle. Also prominent are management consultants such as Gartner and Accenture who advise corporations and public bureaucracies about which ES system to buy… Corporate reliance on ES technology grew throughout the 1990s; by the year 2000 the Boston consultants AMR Research could write that most companies considered its use “as part of the cost of doing business, a necessary part of the organization’s infrastructure.”

The outside becomes an inverted image of the inside, the negative ideal of an internalized self-image, rebuking it.


“Those who are still afraid of shadows of the past deserve to stand here,” Malinauskas said.


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