Despite appearances, the everyday world already knows some utopias. Tourism is one of these. The tourist is the one who is able to imagine the whole of the planet as places of transition. This utopia can be judged in two different ways. Either one considers that this is the final stage of the consumer society, you are sold movement, displacement, with some sun or sand to boot. Individuals buy their capacity to move and one is therefore at the limit of the system. According to the utopian perspective, the individual who moves around, who is unattached or, more precisely, who plays with attachments, free to choose these bonds, seems to me to have a highly commendable value. Quite the opposite of solitude then, a freedom of choice that no longer roots itself in identity, a given culture. At the moment, there is one part of the world that travels and another that accommodates, the world can be divided into countries of tourists and countries of migrants. To push utopia to its fulfillment: tourism will become a highly commendable thing, perfectly splendid and metaphysical when there is nothing left but tourists. Six billion tourists! Is this unrealistic? No more than many other utopias…



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