Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: HELP ME!!!
Stranger: I need your help, please!!!
Stranger: I am in jail
You: Really?
You: What did you do?
Stranger: YES
Stranger: Little internet connection
Stranger: you need to help me
Stranger: I am an old man
Stranger: they will kill me
Stranger: i am 73
Stranger: I was judged wrong
You: How did you get a net connection?
Stranger: I did not held my daughter hostage!
Stranger: it is not my children!!!
You: Where are you? We need to find a way to get you out?
Stranger: I am in Austria
Stranger: please, help me
You: How fortified is the facility?
Stranger: it is very strict here
You: How many men will I need?
Stranger: two
You: Armed?
Stranger: One to carry me
Stranger: and a small child
You: I see.
Stranger: yes armed
You: I may need some time to arrange the child.
Stranger: yes
You: I’ll check if there’s something like a pound for them/
Stranger: take one of my daughters
Stranger: I have plenty
You: It has to female?
Stranger: yes, female is best
Stranger: female carry me
You: How did you get the net connection in prison, may I ask?
Stranger: you have a car maybe?
Stranger: It was by accident
You: I have a bicycle.
Stranger: playing mine sweaper
Stranger: lightning an POFF!
Stranger: internet
You: Amazing.
Stranger: yes
Stranger: very much so
Stranger: go to my basement and find a hidden daughter
Stranger: take your bike and come get me
Stranger: that is the plan
You: Alright, give me a couple of hours.
Stranger: where are u from?
You: I’m in Germany, so I’m going to have to cycle to where you are.
Stranger: germany is not far
Stranger: that is güt
You: Right… I will start peddling. See you in a few hours.
Stranger: how old are u?
Stranger: will your age slow u down?
You: No, but I need to get some milk from the store first.
Stranger: what!?
Stranger: no time for milk
You: I need milk, for tea.
Stranger: u drink mud
Stranger: u can’t bike AND drink tea
Stranger: you’ll have tea when u get here
You: I can, it’s no problem.
Stranger: really? Amazing
Stranger: maybe we some day will be related?
You: But I need to buy the milk, then make the tea…
Stranger: hmm
You: And then straight after that, I’ll be there.
Stranger: they hate me here, you are too kind
You: Always happy to help out a falsely imprisioned man.
Stranger: that is good new!
Stranger: *s
Stranger: u man or woman?
You: I have to go now. I’ll be there very soon!
You have disconnected.


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