Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: you’re from?
You: a city
You: which cars drive through
Stranger: so do I!!
You: at night
Stranger: we have sooooo much in common
Stranger: !!
You: with no drivers
You: you too?
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: it’s amazing
Stranger: maybe we’re even from the same town!
You: yesterday i saw a ghost
You: no, that isn’t true
You: but a ghost saw me!
Stranger: really?
Stranger: how do you know?
You: no, that isn’t true either.
You: the real story isn’t so dramatic.
Stranger: what’s the real story?
You: that’s hard to say.
Stranger: I believe in ghosts
Stranger: for real
You: i believe in the real
You: and therefore in ghosts
You: like in lovers
You: or lies
Stranger: lies are real in part
You: voices need spaces
You: and spaces have voices
Stranger: makes sense
Stranger: but their essence doesn’t exist
You: no
You: but their grain does.
You: its scratch
Stranger: yes
Stranger: but
Stranger: if the essence doesn’t exist, qe only have an empty shell
You: a soft shell
Stranger: we
You: penetrated from
You: a thousand different
You: angles by
You: images
You: memories
Stranger: so, a lie is a soft shell?
You: a lie is a space
You: maybe
Stranger: or maybe we see it like a space
Stranger: but is a space that doesn’t really exists
You: i am on drugs
You: mild drugs
You: recreational drugs
Stranger: I wish I was on drugs
You: i am on an internet site talking to a stranger
You: so are you
You: what are we doing?
You: do you know that that there are a million people in the air at any one time?
Stranger: why do you say that?
You: flying on planes – part of a global network of commuications
You: of which we are ourselves a part
Stranger: I know that
You: what did you hear today?
Stranger: I heard that a friend’s father has died
You: that’s a shame
Stranger: the day is gray
Stranger: maybe because of that
Stranger: I dunno
You: death.
Stranger: what is death to you?
You: everywhere, and in everything – when i don’t forget
You: in women
Stranger: why in women?
You: fatal beauty
Stranger: ow
You: savage joy
Stranger: and what is dying to you?
You: living
You: is dying
Stranger: we die many times as we live
Stranger: living is dying, that’s so true
You: do you believe in a race of mutants?
Stranger: mutants? we’re all mutants
You: respect
Stranger: we all mutate, everytime
Stranger: that’s what I think
Stranger: so, we are a race of mutants
You: the species
You: and the world is ending
You: it has always been ending
Stranger: yes, everything begins to end
You: have you ever been in love?
Stranger: yes, have you?
You: yes
You: i am now
You: and i am torn in directions
Stranger: with what?
You: invitations to narratives yet to be finished.
Stranger: you’re in love with it?
You: yes
You: and i hate it
Stranger: and what is love to you?
You: fatal beauty
You: heart
You: cunt
You: communication
You: sex as communication
Stranger: you love and hate sex. why?
You: sex is love
You: love is universal
You: sex is particular
You: particular – universal
You: contradiction!
You: therefore: excess.
You: (to balance the surplus)
Stranger: of course
You: that perhaps made very little sense
Stranger: no, it made sense to me
You: perhaps i am talking too much?
Stranger: no, course not
Stranger: I like to listen
Stranger: I learn a lot from listening.
You: listening is an art.
You: it is hard to achieve on the internet.
Stranger: so as talking.
Stranger: people only chat
Stranger: none of them talk
Stranger: and I like to listen people talk
Stranger: but few of them talk, so I feel empty on the internet
You: i know what you mean
You: but talking is hard
Stranger: I try to find someone who talks
You: talking under conditions of anonyminity
You: i think it is important to respect those conditions – first of all
Stranger: yes
You: and then negotiate inside them.
Stranger: it’s really rare
Stranger: you don’t need to say anything
Stranger: the conversation will flow
Stranger: and you’ll discover the other person just by listening to it
You: i’m really interested right now in the idea of “the spokesmen”
You: the person who has something to tell you.
Stranger: I think everyone has something to tell
Stranger: but not every one knows how to talk
You: some people believe that they have something special tell.
You: to tell.
Stranger: so they express by other ways
You: how do you learn how to talk?
You: there are periods of violence.
You: you’re right – they express it in other ways
You: emotional ways
You: but this is still speech
You: “if there is hope it lies in the troll”
Stranger: yes, that’s why I say ‘talk’
Stranger: don’t know if that made any sense, tough
You: it does.
You: it’s an interesting distinction.
You: learning how to talk is not easy.
Stranger: it sure isn’t
Stranger: I’ve learned to listen
Stranger: not to talk
You: but i think there is no “right” way of talking.
You: or listening…
You: or people cut themselves-off by listening badly
You: and perhaps this is what they want.
Stranger: you’re right
Stranger: but there are cases
Stranger: in wich you need to listen in a specific way
You: every speech demands its own form of listening.
Stranger: agreed
You: the opening moves dictate the flow
Stranger: of course
Stranger: we need empathy
You: radical empathy
Stranger: empathy is a great virtue
You: but (symbolic) aggression must be met in kind?
Stranger: maybe
You: without investment – but as a kind of game.
Stranger: I think agression has it’s good side
Stranger: if something bothers me it’s because I can’t understand it
You: agree
You: sometimes very intense negative feelings
Stranger: that’s when we need empaty: to understand those things
Stranger: and when we understand them, they wont hurt us no more
You: how do you gain empathy?
Stranger: I can’t answer that for sure, but think that the first step is trying to put yourself in other’s place
You: how long have you been using this site?
Stranger: don’t know
Stranger: for some days, already
Stranger: and you?
You: a couple of days
You: no,
You: only today
Stranger: and what’s your purpose in this site?
You: i thought the idea was fascinating.
You: so i am exploring it.
You: you?
Stranger: don’t really know
Stranger: it kind of fascinated me too
Stranger: maybe I’m here trying to find out
You: this is my longest conversation yet
Stranger: mine too
You: at first, i was a little demoralized
You: because i was thinking – i don’t know what i was thinking
You: it was fun though
You: i had a lot of short, insane dialogues
Stranger: haha
Stranger: had those too
You: here is a sample:
You: Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
Stranger: from?
You: this website is very disappointing.
Stranger: not really
Stranger: shut up
You: no?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
You: this was my favourite, though:
You: Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: The complex advances with every advance.
Stranger: Uh. Ok
You: The Insect-God is come to Babylon!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Stranger: hahaha
You: How could you disconnect on that?
Stranger: I couldn’t
You: I met someone earlier pretending to be Josef Fritzl.
Stranger: I’ve met a girl pretending to be a penguin
Stranger: for real.
You: how did that one go?
Stranger: I talked to her
Stranger: or tryed to
Stranger: when she stopped pretending, she said her name was Heidi and she was finnish
You: perhaps she was still pretending?
You: perhaps not.
You: do women travel this board disguised as animals?
You: is this the origin of the furries?
Stranger: maybe
Stranger: but furries exist long time ago, don’t they?
You: yeah
You: what else do you look at on the internet?
Stranger: I just think of a word in my head and type it on google
Stranger: and see the results, images, what else
Stranger: and you?
You: Encyclopedia Dramatica is strange
You: Dissensus is interesting
You: Where are you based?
Stranger: me?
You: Is this question forbidden?
Stranger: why would it be?
You: only because you said: “me?”
Stranger: no, no
Stranger: of course not
You: the relationship between identity and anonyminity is complex
You: a lot of people on this site use “ASL” as one of their opening questions.
You: “Choose a character”
Stranger: no, I only said me, because I didn’t understood your question
Stranger: but I agree with you
You: You didn’t understand what I was *really* asking?
Stranger: yes
You: A piece of image.
You: i’m interested in the fact that we are managing to have this conversation – whatever it is
You: and so i’m interested in what’s making it possible
You: i don’t know the best way to answer that question
You: so i am looking for clues
Stranger: it’s intriguing
You: we were talking earlier about the art of listening
You: this is not an easy art to learn… but it is a simple thing to do.
You: the more simple the better.
You: without being simplistic
You: because each different speech demands its own way of listening
Stranger: agree
Stranger: and it’s funny
Stranger: how the most marvelous aspects of the human being are such simple things to be done
You: i believe that communication is very political
You: i think different political factions are held together by their own unique forms of communication
You: which includes rituals, habits, small talk, trivia….
Stranger: I have a theory about that
Stranger: using a pedagogic example
Stranger: some people talk about yellow and others about blue
You: how do you mean?
Stranger: some people talk the colour yellow and others talk about the colour blue
Stranger: and insist in their colours
Stranger: “yellow is better”
Stranger: “no, blue is better”
You: i see what you mean.
You: some people talking their feelings of self-hatred
You: but they code it
You: and the code transmits to similar
You: and so different political associations – different emotional pacts – are formed.
Stranger: wait, here’s the rest of my theory
Stranger: if they tryed to join their ideals, they would come to a different colour: green
Stranger: that’s the point
You: interesting theory
You: but of course, ideals can never be joined so long as people are saying: “yellow is better” “no, blue is better”
Stranger: of course, that’s why we need to always seek the ‘green’
You: or the white?
You: the spectrum of all colours
You: the final barrier to which is: thinking you are white (you are pure).
Stranger: i think the white is still too far from me
Stranger: yes, the final barrier is the white
You: the white is protected by a screen of whiteness
You: it’s the difference between you going to it, and them coming to you
Stranger: interesting
You: if you think they will come to you, you are going for it.
You: if you are going to it, they will come to you.
Stranger: that’s true
You: if you are white, they will be black
You: (or rainbow coloured)
You: if you are rainbow coloured, they will be white.
You: you can’t say, “no, white’s better.”
You: you have to be silent
Stranger: you must wait
You: but you must also gesture
You: the silence
Stranger: understood
Stranger: and agreed
You: but can any more be said then silence?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: silence is also a expression
Stranger: even verbal
You: but for things to be said one party must break the silence
You: this is violent
Stranger: or don’t need to
Stranger: if other party can read that silence, the first party won’t have to break it
Stranger: don’t know if you understood
You: reading silence requires imagination
Stranger: we use imagination in everything
You: tell me, are you a philosopher?
Stranger: no
Stranger: don’t think so
Stranger: but I think a lot
You: do you read philosophy?
You: or do you think about the world?
Stranger: I think about everything that surrounds me
Stranger: and define philosophic literature.
You: there are books that are marketed as “philosophy”
You: it is essentially a genre
You: which means a code.
Stranger: oh, ok
Stranger: but I don’t usually read that ‘genre’
You: are you interested in genre? or in other genres?
Stranger: I believe that each thing has it’s only and individual genre
You: in a deeper sense that might be right
You: but genres exist.
You: genres of speech and action
You: it’s hard to escape from genres
Stranger: yes, in an abrangent way
Stranger: but when you start adding genres, you get to an individual
You: when you start adding genres?
You: the individual is the sum of genres?
You: maybe
You: but also an excess
Stranger: yes
Stranger: an excess of genres
You: a genre of excess?
Stranger: there’s some distinction between those two, isn’t it?
You: there is, definitely.
Stranger: never really thought of the excess in genres
Stranger: or the genres in excess
You: the genre of excess is pretty identifiable…
You: transgressive stuff
You: the excess of genre is whatever remains when you subtract the genre
You: whatever the genre(s) don’t quite quite cover-up.
Stranger: but even that excess would be a genre
Stranger: maybe the genre ‘excess’
You: the excess is singular, is non-generic.
You: or generically singular
You: sui generis
You: generically sui generis
Stranger: so genre and excess are intrinsically connected
You: yes, i think so
You: it was what we were talking about earlier
Stranger: can one exist without the other?
You: You: talking under conditions of anonyminity
You: i think it is important to respect those conditions – first of all
You: i don’t think so – at least, you couldn’t interpret it
You: “pure” excess… without any context (which it would be excessive over) – what would that be?
Stranger: what would that be?
Stranger: can’t answer that
Stranger: maybe I haven’t ever saw pure excess to tell you anything about it
You: i don’t know if it exists
You: i doubt it does
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


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