Connecting to server…
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Yo, 20, m, Netherlands
You: hello hello
You: i’m in the netherlands too
You: whereabouts?
Stranger: Noord-Brabant
You: wow!#
You: really!
Stranger: city called Schijndel
Stranger: yes
Stranger: u 2?
You: holy crap
You: you’ll never believe it!
You: what’#re the odds!
Stranger: lol, your english or something?
You: it’s such a nice place, isn’t it?
You: i love the bicycles
You: yes, english
You: from leeds
You: you ever been? it’s also quite nice
You: spelled backward it’s sdeel
You: if you know what i mean
Stranger: lol
You: yes, i am hilarious
Stranger: i never been to england, but im going too
Stranger: soon
You: awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: you should visit my family!
Stranger: i got some friends in Liverpool
You: i have two sisters
You: they are twins
You: but i’m not! lol
Stranger: lol so what u doing in holland?
You: shooting the shit
You: et
You: etc
You: and yourself?#
Stranger: ye well i kinda live here
Stranger: lol
You: practicing your english via chat?
You: i know what you mean
Stranger: oh just bored
You: i kind of live here too
You: the kind of is an interesting thing though
You: being as i’m half monkey
You: u knoooo?
Stranger: half monkey? lmao
You: are you a boy?
Stranger: ye
Stranger: man*
You: i always charm the boys
You: with the monkey joke
You: it’s a well tested one
Stranger: go go
You: yo yo#
You: yoko
You: ono
You: what do you do for a living, friend?
Stranger: oh well
You: please dn’t bore me
You: with your life story
Stranger: no shit atm
Stranger: just finished college
You: #i’m just looking for love in all the wrong places
You: oh yeah?
You: i love college
Stranger: im glad its over
You: what did you study?
You: i studied dance
Stranger: photography
You: and chemical engineering
You: oh myg od you should totally take my picture
You: we can do it next weekend
You: whatevs
Stranger: lmao
You: sure can
Stranger: depends
Stranger: where r u staying?
You: at a hostel
You: in teh city centre
You: for now
Stranger: what city?
You: ookasdf
You: wait
You: no
You: i’ve misspelled it
You: you know what i mean?
Stranger: no clue.
You: dude i thought you were dutch
Stranger: well i know what u mean but just continue
Stranger: ye im dutch
You: it’s pronounced yeah
Stranger: 100% and fuckin proud of it
You: wow
You: are you blondE?
Stranger: dark blonde ye
You: do you have strong forearms?
Stranger: blue eyes
Stranger: nah im skinny
Stranger: but im tall
You: with veins and such?
Stranger: let me check
Stranger: yep
You: did you know that a blue whale is so big you can swim through its blood vessels?
You: that’s really fucking big
You: that’s like bigger than you even think it is
Stranger: rofl
You: i am on today
You: all my best jokes
You: really getting the reaction i’m looking for here
You: huzzah
You have disconnected.



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