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[09/02/2009 22:04:25] Tim says: thanks to ED I discovered the phrase “IR” = “irrate gamer”
[09/02/2009 22:04:46] Jones says: that is a good phrase.
[09/02/2009 22:06:35] Tim says: amiritte?
[09/02/2009 22:07:17] Jones says: amiritte?
[09/02/2009 22:07:36] Tim says: They say it on encycolpedia dramatica
[09/02/2009 22:07:43] Tim says: amirite
[09/02/2009 22:07:47] Jones says: do you write any of this stuff?
[09/02/2009 22:07:52] Tim says: No!
[09/02/2009 22:08:08] Tim says: That would be a good project though
[09/02/2009 22:08:25] Jones says: i think so



[08/02/2009 02:31:46] Jones says: How goes it, night owl?
[08/02/2009 02:32:45] Walter says: a-hooo
[08/02/2009 02:34:22] Jones says: I was just thinking: Isn’t the way that the internet can layer narratives quite remarkable?
[08/02/2009 02:35:44] Walter says: yes, it is. Such a great thing. surfing channels
[08/02/2009 02:35:55] Jones says: But Dangerous!
[08/02/2009 02:36:21] Walter says: surf. what’s dangerous?
[08/02/2009 02:37:20] Jones says: There is a way that THE INTERNET CAN START SURFING YOU
[08/02/2009 02:37:31] Walter says: hhh yeah
[08/02/2009 02:37:45] Walter says: zzz….brrr…oooouuu
[08/02/2009 02:37:53] Walter says: cling!b
[08/02/2009 02:38:03] Walter says: it’s all scanned
[08/02/2009 02:38:34] Jones says: very nice piece of poetry there.
[08/02/2009 02:39:39] Walter says: thank you. there’s the possibility that the substance of data will become biological, or that the machines that accumulate data will be embedded in the human body.
[08/02/2009 02:41:48] Jones says: i am currently involved in a thread on an internet message board. it strikes me that humanity is evolving towards a destiny as yet uncertain. but that great changes are presently afoot in the world.
[08/02/2009 02:46:41] Jones says: i will you let know if there are any updates
[08/02/2009 02:46:50] Walter says: thanks